Synonym Toast Editing Services

Synonym Toast is a full-service book-editing company specializing in fiction, memoir, educational non-fiction, and children’s and young readers’ stories.

Our lives are composed of story after story; combined, they become our legacy. The decision to share our stories, from our experiences or imagination, is generous and powerful and enduring.

It’s also fairly hard, and you shouldn’t have to go it alone. At Synonym Toast we want to make your writing the clearest, cleanest, and most impactful it can be—in your voice, in your style, from your heart. We’re the invisible support that bolsters your work, making sure the foundation is solid so your words stand tall and proud as your readers experience them. 

With a lifetime of book loving and language study, along with a deep devotion to clear communication and client care, we’ll help make your book the sharpest, most professional product it can be for market. Contact us to discuss the specific needs of your project, be it a thorough structural analysis or a syntax and grammar tune-up. Our stories are how we leave our mark, and they deserve to be tended with respect and love.

Full Substantive Edit

Our comprehensive editing package, and our best seller. The Full Substantive comes with two full rounds of editing. 

The first round comprises a full structural and stylistic edit, addressing the overall organization and cohesion of your work while ensuring clarity and flow, and suitability to your intended audience and marketplace. 

The second round is a complete copy edit to ensure precision, accuracy, consistency, and wholeness. This takes care of all the fun grammar, punctuation, usage, and spelling details.

This is your best bet for a truly professional and marketable product. The most important factor in the editing process is supporting and strengthening your unique voice.

Copy Edit

When you’re confident your work is laid out just right and you need to make sure it’s as professional as possible, it’s time for a detailed copy edit. This fine-tooth-comb review will adjust for consistency and correctness in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and usage, as well as thorough fact checking and continuity. 

Your copy edit can adhere to a recognized style guide or your personal stylistic guidelines.


When perfection is a priority, this post-layout editing service makes sure your work looks its absolute best. A final meticulous edit to catch any missed errors or design flaws. 

A proofread is only available for purchase after the design and layout process for work that has undergone prior professional editing.

Manuscript Analysis

This is a smart option when your first draft is locked and you need a professional assessment of its strengths and weaknesses before moving into the rewriting stage. You should only pay for a final substantive edit when your book is as sturdy as you can make it. 

The Manuscript Analysis will evaluate your work with regard to:

– Plot

– Characterization

– Pacing

– Conflict/Tension

– Setting

– Time Flow/Continuity

– Diction/Voice

– Consistency

– Commercial Potential

No in-line edits or changes will be made to your manuscript—you will receive an in-depth report on the work to get you ready to move forward confidently into revisions.

*for manuscripts up to 75,000 words, 7¢/word thereafter

If you’re ready to take your work to the next level, or if you have any questions at all about editing or our services, we would love to hear from you.