Vancouver theatre blog watch

I have a dream. It’s a particularly geeky dream, but nevertheless…

I dream of a future where there is an open network of theatrists exchanging ideas, debating and supporting each other throughout the Greater Vancouver area, and doing it through the rather convenient medium of the internet. A sort of focusing of the existing theatre portion of the blogosphere, if you will, creating a virtual town hall that generates buzz and challenges us to be bigger and better.

So whenever a new local theatre blog is fired across our bow, it is with this dream in mind that we draw your attention to it. Or to them, as the case may be…

The proudly Vancouver-based PuSh festival has entered the blog world with PuShing it, and it’s already proving to be a great read. Today’s entry on festival staffer Jenn Upham reveals her great taste in books, TV, music and *ahem*, web sites.

And then I tripped over this blog and immediately resented it for having the name that I wish I’d given this blog. It’s mysteriously anonymous, but a little internet sleuthing (turns out his name is right there in the URL, I shoulda been a private dick) unveiled the author as one Amiel Gladstone, a local playwright and director out of Victoria who helmed Dollhouse 2000, Theatre Skam’s delightful meta-theatre entry in the recent Vancouver indie funhouse Hive 2, which I was lucky enough to catch at the Mag North Festival. Great stuff. (Amiel, email me if you’re down to be interviewed for This One Goes to Eleven. We’d love to have you on the show.)

And finally, we’re…um, we’re, ah…well we’re…it seems we’re um…well, twittering. Yes, that’s right, twittering. I know, I know, I don’t really get what the business sense in it is either, but people whom I admire and trust and who have much larger readerships than me say it’s the next stage in marketing and connectivity, so I figure we should at least take it out for a spin. The beauty of it is that it doesn’t suck up huge chunks of my time, as a certain other social network site that shall remain faceless is wont to do. Anyway, that’s what all that business at the bottom of the sidebar is about. So far it’s been mighty handy in my quest for a new espresso machine. My last one failed.