At least we can throw a petition at their heads…

To no one’s surprise, it seems our national leaders have been slicing and dicing more of our arts funding of late. With extreme prejudice. MK blogged about it. As did Ian. So now PACT is making the rounds with a petition to to fire off to the good ol’ Tories, suggesting that perhaps they give their heads a good shake.

I paraphrase, of course. The actual language used on the petition is this:

Canadians depend on our artists and their work to tell Canadian stories. Government investment is a crucial element of cultural diplomacy in every developed nation including Canada. The arts contribute to GDP, enhance Canada’s international reputation, and make Canada a more innovate and creative country.

The loss of $48.8 million in arts and culture funding is a loss to all Canadians.

We call on the Government of Canada to partner with the arts and culture sector to create new innovative policies and programs, to refine and enhance existing policies and programs and as a minimum commitment to make significant ongoing investments in arts and culture at 2008.2009 levels, through the Canada Council for the Arts, the departments of Canadian Heritage, Finance and Foreign Affairs and International Trade, for the benefit of Canada and Canadians.

The goal of the petition is 10,000 signatures. You can read comments from the existing signatories and add your name to the list by clicking here.