I have been waiting very patiently for this announcement…

The Arts Club just announced the inclusion of the Western Canadian Regional Premier of  August: Osage County to next year’s season. It opens January 27. No word yet on cast or crew, I’ll be keeping an eye peeled.

Tracy Letts junkies unite!

In honour of this auspicious occasion, let’s return once more to the ultimate Letts fan letter, courtesy of the Southern Mothers… (slightly NSFW for blue language. But if that bugs you you ain’t going to like Tracy’s stuff anyhow.)

National Theatre marketing is hip like 1980


And I had planned on blogging all day today.

London’s National Theatre is hosting Steppenwolf’s runaway hit August: Osage County right now, and they have added an interactive feature to their promotional site: a A:OC version of Pac-Man. It’s the exact game that we all remember so fondly, except that you control the drug-addled head of Deanna Dunagan, and get chased by various members of her character’s family. Click the screaming head of Violet Weston above to put to bed any chances of being productive today.