Introducing Gift of Screws

When I walked into Bill Marchant’s Ashes last year at the Firehall I had never seen one of his plays. Had no idea what class of writer he was, only what class of human being (that class being ‘first’). When I walked out of that play I knew I had found a kindred theatrical spirit, who held many of the same ideals about this form of art as myself. Bill’s art is about bringing the dark parts of ourselves into the light for examination, it’s solidly Canadian and it demands to be discussed. It moves things.

So when he asked if I would lend a hand producing his latest premiere, I agreed without a moment’s hesitation. Gift of Screws lands on Vancouver October 6 at the Jericho Arts Centre, and it’s going to be something else, all right. Please have a look around the website, and if it holds any interest at all, I would be in your debt if you spread the word around a little.

I hope to see you there. It’s going to be the start of a hell of a lot of discussion…


One more chance to catch Ashes

I had a load of people asking me if and when they could get another chance to see Bill Marchant’s recent play Ashes after I flipped my lid for it on World Theatre Day.

There’s one more chance to catch this roundly excellent production this coming Friday, May 1 at the Metro Theatre: 1370 Marine Drive SW (604-266-7191) as part of Theatre BC’s Greater Vancouver Zone Festival. There’s a schwack of other good work worth checking out all week there to.

The man himself on his own work…

Ashes: two-minute load in

I’m a sucker for behind-the-scenes extras. Bill Marchant’s Ashes, the play that I took in on World Theatre Day at the Firehall, was the kind of work that ensures I will always want to make Independent Stage. Astonishing work at all levels. Greg Bishop, the director of the play and proprietor of Eye Heart Productions, sent over a fun company project: sped-up video they made of the set construction. Very cool chronicling. I always forget to chronicle stuff like this. Click on the HQ button for the high-quality version.

Scene: A cabin somewhere in Northern Ontario…

Set design : Greg Bishop
Set builders: Rob Hummell, Kevin Strong, Greg Bishop
Set painting: Melanie Bishop
Set decoration: Jelena Ikonomovic, Jen O’Rourke
Video: Patrick Parenteau