Ashes: two-minute load in

I’m a sucker for behind-the-scenes extras. Bill Marchant’s Ashes, the play that I took in on World Theatre Day at the Firehall, was the kind of work that ensures I will always want to make Independent Stage. Astonishing work at all levels. Greg Bishop, the director of the play and proprietor of Eye Heart Productions, sent over a fun company project: sped-up video they made of the set construction. Very cool chronicling. I always forget to chronicle stuff like this. Click on the HQ button for the high-quality version.

Scene: A cabin somewhere in Northern Ontario…

Set design : Greg Bishop
Set builders: Rob Hummell, Kevin Strong, Greg Bishop
Set painting: Melanie Bishop
Set decoration: Jelena Ikonomovic, Jen O’Rourke
Video: Patrick Parenteau

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  1. This is amazing! I love when productions show the making of what we all love to do as artist, it gives the world a better understanding of what an artistic team is really all about.

    Thank you for that!


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