Couldn’t say it better myself

The problem with being a producer marketing a show is the feeling that everyone is kind of putting up with your patter. Like there’s a certain “of course you’re going to tell me it’s good, that’s your job” chorus playing behind the constant sales pitch of our social marketing efforts. Hopefully we’re good enough and human enough to push through that. But for Gift of Screws I thought that maybe I could get some non-sales types to help me out a little with the marketing.

So here we begin a little series giving the spotlight to the really interesting people in the production: the artists. I think the sacred mystery of what goes on behind the scenes in theatre is just plain boring, so I’m asking the crew to share some of their process with you, to hopefully offer you something besides the usual party line.

I’m honoured to introduce you to Mr. Shane Michael Leydon, one of the cast members of Muzzle of Bees and the very model of a modern artist-in-process, as he talks about working with the company, his character, the plays, his instrument and in theatre…

Lost in Translation

charlotte meets bob

Charlotte (Scarlet Johansson): So what are you doing here?

Bob Harris (Bill Murray): Couple of things. Taking a break from my wife, forgetting my son’s birthday and getting paid 2 million dollars to endorse a whiskey when I could be doing a play somewhere.

Charlotte: Oh.

Bob Harris: But the good news is the whiskey works.

Introducing Gift of Screws

When I walked into Bill Marchant’s Ashes last year at the Firehall I had never seen one of his plays. Had no idea what class of writer he was, only what class of human being (that class being ‘first’). When I walked out of that play I knew I had found a kindred theatrical spirit, who held many of the same ideals about this form of art as myself. Bill’s art is about bringing the dark parts of ourselves into the light for examination, it’s solidly Canadian and it demands to be discussed. It moves things.

So when he asked if I would lend a hand producing his latest premiere, I agreed without a moment’s hesitation. Gift of Screws lands on Vancouver October 6 at the Jericho Arts Centre, and it’s going to be something else, all right. Please have a look around the website, and if it holds any interest at all, I would be in your debt if you spread the word around a little.

I hope to see you there. It’s going to be the start of a hell of a lot of discussion…


Woo hoo! The Hive is alive!


From the Pi Theatre blog…

Busy little bees, it is time to return to the HIVE: Twelve adventurous theatre companies deliver twelve distinct performances in continuous rotation.

Flutter from one site-specific show to the next, with DJs, dancing and more theatrical social networking.

Created and produced by Pi Theatre, Boca del Lupo, Electric Company, Felix Culpa, Leaky Heaven Circus, neworldtheatre, The Only Animal, Radix, Rumble Productions, Theatre Replacement, Theatre Conspiracy and Theatre SKAM.


Theatrical. Social. Networking. Can I get an Hallelujah?

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