Couldn’t say it better myself

The problem with being a producer marketing a show is the feeling that everyone is kind of putting up with your patter. Like there’s a certain “of course you’re going to tell me it’s good, that’s your job” chorus playing behind the constant sales pitch of our social marketing efforts. Hopefully we’re good enough and human enough to push through that. But for Gift of Screws I thought that maybe I could get some non-sales types to help me out a little with the marketing.

So here we begin a little series giving the spotlight to the really interesting people in the production: the artists. I think the sacred mystery of what goes on behind the scenes in theatre is just plain boring, so I’m asking the crew to share some of their process with you, to hopefully offer you something besides the usual party line.

I’m honoured to introduce you to Mr. Shane Michael Leydon, one of the cast members of Muzzle of Bees and the very model of a modern artist-in-process, as he talks about working with the company, his character, the plays, his instrument and in theatre…

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