Local artists are shooting an anti-arts cuts PSA – and you can be in it

From an email sent to The Next Stage

PSA invite: please pass on to select directors, playwrights, producers, performers & Canadian celebs

Dear Artists,

Gordon Campbell said he would not cut funding to the arts and he did. Not only did he cut funding but now he is refusing to follow through with legally bound contracts. We are filming PSA’s to send him our message and how we feel about his new world without art.

We are filming PSA’s in response to Gordon Campbell, Colin Hansen and the BC Liberal Government’s new world without art.  We are needing people to speak out for these PSA’s.
We are having Canadian Playwrights write the copy for the PSA’s Or you can speak your own message.

This budget which Finance Minister Colin Hansen says is one of the ‘best budgets’ in BC history shows cuts of 50% to arts and culture investment this year when the government said that 100% of the funding was secure before the election. It gets worse. From what I have been able to gather from budget documents we learn that the government is planning on cutting 92% of arts and culture investment next year. – Spencer Herbert

If you’re out of town and can’t make the shoot but you want to film a message let us know and we can arrange something.

alberta mayne & jenn griffin

Host: Qube Film
Type: Causes – Protest

Date: Saturday, September 19, 2009
Time: Scheduling times between 11:00am – 5:00pm
Location: Qube Film
1197 Howe St.
Vancouver, BC

Phone: 604.765.4675
Email: albertamayne(at)gmail(dot)com
Facebook  link


Photo courtesy of Rebecca Coleman on Flickr

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