A welcome to The Room

A great company web site.

Somewhere on it you’ll find a set of posted rules.

The first rule is:

In the room, things are being made.

The fourth rule is:

In The Room no one can say for sure what these things will be until they are done, because making things is a kind of magic, and magic can’t always be controlled.

I like the sound of this already.

Congratulations to Brendan, Christopher, Geoffrey, Natasha and Ian. Welcome to the world. We’ll be watching for your uncontrollable magic from the left side of the country.

the room

The Return of the Blogfather

You can blog like a man! What's the matter with you?!
You can blog like a man! What's the matter with you?!

Good news, everyone. Canada’s primogenial theatre blogger Ian Mackenzie has migrated his ground-breaking blog Theatre is Territory to a new corner of the internets, and re-launched with typically discussion-provoking content.

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Good news Part II: The old URL has not been forsaken, Praxis Theatre co-ADs Michael Wheeler and Simon Rice are running with the well-worn baton and authoring the Praxis blog themselves. Artists and activists both, look to them to continue using the site to raise awareness of political and artistic issues facing the independent theatre movement in Canada, as well as a lot of the fun series we’ve come to expect from the Praxis crew.

Click here to feast upon the newly re-christened Praxis Blog

All of these cats were inspirational to me in publishing my own regular theatre blog. If you find similar inspiration at these sites, please drop us a line and let us know so we can get your address out to the neighbourhood. It’s a fun place to play…