A welcome to The Room

A great company web site.

Somewhere on it you’ll find a set of posted rules.

The first rule is:

In the room, things are being made.

The fourth rule is:

In The Room no one can say for sure what these things will be until they are done, because making things is a kind of magic, and magic can’t always be controlled.

I like the sound of this already.

Congratulations to Brendan, Christopher, Geoffrey, Natasha and Ian. Welcome to the world. We’ll be watching for your uncontrollable magic from the left side of the country.

the room


  1. Thanks Simon! We brought in some ringers to make the site happen, Catherine Allen and Pete Duke, who are each awesome to the power of 10. And it’s not done yet. So we would like to make it better.

    Maybe you and your readers would like to charter a flight to see our inaugural production at the Toronto Fringe Festival from July 1-12?

    Thanks for this nice message of encouragement.

  2. I love the website and the Rules. I hope I get to see the things being made in the room one day.

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