Allow me to introduce you to us…

Trying to come up with a dope name for your creative project has got to be one of the hardest parts of getting the thing started. The more people involved in it, the harder it is. Like band names; one guy wants to call you Drone, another guy want it to be Drones, the drummer’s stuck on The Drones, and the lead guitarist won’t shut up about calling it The Unbearable Lightness of B-minor. So in a theatre collective of eighteen it should have been a down and dirty rumble, but I’m pleased to announce that after a few minor fits and starts that we are officially christened. Henceforth we shall be known to this city and soon the world as Lyric Stage Project (trumpets, fireworks, etc.). Ahhh, everything feels so much more, I don’t know… official with a cool name to call yourself.

We’re steaming full speed ahead with our first production, full details are soon to be revealed, but rehearsals are going wonderfully and the marketing machine is getting warmed up. Now this is the real work of the thing, the businass of show. It’s all well and good to put together a kick-ass play, but if a play falls in the forest and no one sees it…

Speaking of spreading the word, one of our crew has written and directed a play that’s about to start. It’s about four strangers who meet in a not-so-voluntary group meeting, and what happens when they start asking questions with no answers. Scott Miller is a tremendous talent and the play runs for merely one week, so try and make time to check it, a play

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