“The Shop” Opens Soon…

This looks interesting…a new space is opening up in town that’s being billed as “a meeting place for actors and other artists”, that’s comprised of a 1000 sq. ft. black box theatre/studio with a front area that is a “taping/meeting room as well as a lounge area meant to serve as a comfortable place for artists to hang out, do research and exchange or debate ideas.” It sounds like one of those great ideas that actors always come up with when they’re drinking after class but don’t ever follow through on because, well, it would be a lot of work and hard to sustain.

The Shop hopes to attract a diverse group of teachers to fill the evening slots on weeknights. “We want to get teachers and actors in here from all different schools of thought and acting styles,” says (co-founder Michael Karl) Richards. “We’re consciously working to create an environment that doesn’t foster cliquishness or otherwise exclude any actors that have the determination to create their own work, regardless of their experience, background or acting technique.”

Three members of the Actor’s Foundry are responsible for this new space, and they’re leaving it open on weekends for actors to put on small presentations at “ultra-low rates”. I’m really excited to check this place out, it sounds like just the kind of thing Vancouver needs to remove some excuses for workshopping and producing new work. The Shop is at 1866 Powell between Commercial and Victoria.

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