This One Only Goes to Ten


If this were the Buffyverse and not the blogosphere, then the Vampire that sired my This One Goes to Eleven interview series would be Ian Mackenzie and his Ten Questions. Ian has asked me to put my money where my fangs are and submit to a little blood-letting myself. Click here to read the gory details.


  1. For those of you reading this comment . . . you’re wasting valuable time that could be better spent reading Simon Ogden’s AMAZING Q&A over at the above link!

    Go ahead, click through . . . I’ll wait here ’til you get back . . .

  2. Simon – Your vision has become so whole, so elegant – and your coherency is such a powerful tool for your passion. I am amazed and gladdened by what a powerful communicator you are. It was a thrill to read the interview.


    Ps. You are funny – but we knew that.

  3. The above commentator, by way of introduction, is my very first acting teacher and mentor, who took a terrified, dumb kid and quite literally showed me what it meant to be an artist, theatre or otherwise. Thanks to her guidance it is very hard to embarrass me, so I’m not blushing right now from her comments. What? I’m not, shut up.

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