Windy City Wisdom

“Art is not a victim. An eighteen month old diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia is a victim. A family losing their homes because of war are victims. Artists are not victims. Non-profit organizations are not victims; though, if you read many fundraising letters, you’d think they were. Many believe the arts are dying, because we tell them that. Arts organizations have become a collective boy who cried wolf.”Jay Raskolnikov

I cannot put together a better argument for the importance of theatre blogging to our future than to show how easy it makes it to access essays like this. Pulling the reality of the responsibility and the truly selfless work required of this art form out of the outdated and hipster-intellectual-cred image that it has acquired is the single greatest benefit of this platform. With your help to pass this stuff along to those who you know that care about this stuff, theatre may finally lose its cerebral “mystique” and its misuse as an ego platform and start communicating to what it was always supposed to: the gut of the community.


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