Hey Toronto, Need a Laugh?


See that cute couple up there? That’s Justin and Kristi; dear, sweet friends of mine. Many, many moons ago they were 2/5ths of my very first theatre company, Face Full of Theatre, a sketch comedy/sketch drama troupe that was poised to take over the world (as are all first theatre companies, aren’t they?). We done real good too, as I recall, we even went so far as to shoot a CBC sketch comedy special with Kevin McDonald. Alas, these two heard the siren call of the Big Smoke and, packing their lives into the VW van, graced the other side of the country with their talents a couple of years back.

Well, the two of them have been at it again. They’ve written a sketch show about the whole coupling fiasco and trust me, as someone who’s spent literally months together with them in a room laughing until I couldn’t see straight, it’ll be worth the price of admission. The show’s playing until Sunday, December 2 at the Diesel Playhouse, check it out if you can. You guys in Toronto could probably use a good pick-me-up, eh?


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