New Feature Alert – Video Listings Now Available


Marketing a play? Looking for some exposure? The Next Stage is pleased to offer a new section of video listings, free for a limited time to Victoria independent theatre companies. Features of your listing include: all your production and contact information, a brief write-up or synopsis of the play itself, embedded links to your company site or blog, and a 30-60 second video clip of a company member of your choice telling us, the citizens of Vancouver, just exactly why we need to come out and see your play.

These clips are not “trailers” for your play, they are your chance to publicize the ‘elevator pitch’, or essential selling point of your production. The style of your pitch is entirely up to you, and the more creative and engaging the better. Each clip is shot and edited by us at The Next Stage, and will be available on YouTube for use on your own site.

This service is being offered free of charge, so click here to see what we’re talking about, and then contact us at vanstage(at)gmail(dot)com to arrange for your very own video listings shoot.

7 thoughts on “New Feature Alert – Video Listings Now Available

  1. […] I caught a tweet from Chicago’s Urban Theater today that pointed me to a new posting on their Vimeo page. It’s a quick clip of their Artistic Director inviting his community to come out and see their new show, Broken Thread. The production quality of the clip could be better, but it offers a direct connection to the AD himself, tells you it’s a low-cost affair and how to buy tickets. And if you link to their web site, there’s more video all over it, including an interview with the playwright of the show. Simple and effective, and personal. Actually, that sounds a little familiar… […]

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