I Heart Charlie Rose

This is great, because I was looking for something to fill the remaining 30 minutes I had left unscheduled in my week. I recently discovered another motherload of theatre-related discussion on the webs (thanks Benny): Charlie Rose’s official site has every interview he’s ever done since 1991- in free and easy streaming – and the archives contain a huge section devoted entirely to the theatre types you want to hear talk for a half hour or so. And just check out the names: Albee, Bogosian, Mamet, Miller, Stoppard, Shanley, Shawn, Pinter (feel free to skip ahead when you get the idea), Suzan-Lori Parks, Robert Wilson, Uta-frickin’-Hagen, Tony Kushner…and these are just the playwrights! This doesn’t even scratch the surface, scads of actors talking to Charlie about their craft, producers, it’s a chocolate factory of discourse, you’ll love it. I might have to start cutting back on sleep, however. Something got to give.

Click here for the wonderful world of Charlie.

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