Firth Things First

Stopped by Vancouver’s only Entertainment Industry Exclusive bookstore Biz Books – otherwise know as Simon’s Happy Place (their May Play Sale is on now, click it here for all the deets) – hoping to snag a copy of the newly released August: Osage County, Tracy Letts’ new Pulitzer winning slice of awesomeness. I was in the middle of a pretty intense conversation with a friend about how hard it’s always been for actors to get into the stables of the city’s big civic theatres, and in a lovely moment of synchronicity said friend broke out laughing and pointed to a sign on the wall of the bookstore that bore the legend:

“It’s much, much easier getting into Hollywood than to get into the Vancouver theatre system.”

Than Hollywood. With two muches, no less. And the kicker to the whole thing is that the quote on the wall was attributed to Colin Frickin’ Firth, of all people. My first thought was “how the hell would Colin Frickin’ Firth know? No, actually, my first thought was “Weird. Synchronicity”, then the other one. Then “why is this quote on the wall of an industry bookstore?”. Not in a bad way, more in a “hallelujah, way to speak the truth way”. Anyway, it didn’t take long to find out the source of this quote, and it’s worth reading, trust me.

Now all I’m thinking is “why aren’t there more startup theatre companies in Vancouver again?”.

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