“Town Without Pity” Opens Friday

Curator Jim Ramsay presents an art exhibit billed as “a play in 24 acts” at the Elissa Cristall Gallery at 2245 Granville. The show runs until June 15, and the opening reception is this Friday, May 23 from 6-10 pm.

A collaboration of 24 artists from Vancouver, Toronto, London, Staten Island, Boston, Seattle, Palm Springs, Sweden, Scotland, and Tokyo; each artist has contributed one aspect or building to the main street of the Town Without Pity.

“The TOWN WITHOUT PITY is a challenge, a dare, to fellow artists and the public to visit a world that can be frightening, delightful, deceitful, magical and always surprising and limitless.”

Click the pic for more information…

Jim Ramsay is an architect and artist living in Vancouver. He makes his living building fantasy environments for television and film. Ramsay has curated numerous group shows in Vancouver galleries exploring the themes of transportation, home, invention and play.

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