Jessie Noms Announced

You know what’s cool about the Jessie Richardson Awards? They’re shiny. Also, they put a bunch of Vancouver’s theatre talent together on a single page so we can appreciate how damn much of it there really is in this town, lest we think otherwise. You can read all the names on that page for yourself over here, no need for me to reprint them all. What I think I will do, however, is break down the number of nominations per theatre company, so that you can see…actually I don’t really know what this shows exactly, but it’s got to be a map to something. Anyway, it’s interesting to see the breakdown…

Large Theatre:

Playhouse Theatre: 16

Arts Club Theatre: 14

Bard on the Beach: 9

Touchstone Theatre: 8

November Theatre: 4

Neworld: 3

Boca del Lup: 2

Gateway Theatre: 2

Green Thumb Theatre: 2

Firehall Arts: 1

PuSh Festival: 1

Small Theatre:

Gateway Theatre: 9

Blackbird Theatre: 7

Pi Theatre: 6

Roughhouse Theatre: 6

Felix Culpa: 5

Patrick Street Productions: 4

DualMinds: 3

Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Theatre: 3

Pacific Theatre: 2

Presentation House Theatre: 2

Ruby Slippers Theatre: 2

Fugue Theatre: 1

Neworld: 1

PuSh Festival: 1

Rumble Productions: 1

Streamlight Productions: 1

Theatre Conspiracy: 1

Théâtre la Seizième: 1

Theatre Replacement: 1

Theatre for Young People

Carousel Theatre: 10

Théâtre la Seizième: 5

Green Thumb Theatre: 2

Congratulations to all the nominees, and thank you for your hard work in building Vancouver into a theatre force to be reckoned with, in the face of overwhelming odds. Keep building it, they’re coming…

What do you think Vancouver? What conclusions can you draw from the list above?


  1. Certainly makes this budding blogger wonder whether he’s bitten off more than he can chew — there’s so much theatre stuff in this city!

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