Secret Prop Sale This Weekend!

Okay, it’s probably not actually a secret, I mean, who puts something up for sale and then doesn’t advertise it? (Insert applicable first indie theatre production joke here.) But I stumbled across it completely by accident, and it’s in amongst that weird alley/warehouse area at the bottom of Main St. around Terminal. I tripped over it taking a short cut to work yesterday as they were shutting down, and the genial fellow I spoke to gave me the heads up about the big sale next weekend, apparently they’ll be selling off some sweet props dirt cheap from a wack of major productions that just wrapped here.

So, if your company is in the market to fill up its prop room, they’ll be open from 11-4, Saturday, May 31 and Sunday June 1. The sale is in a sneaky little warehouse behind the Kal Tire on Main; as you’re heading North turn right on Industrial Ave., between the Kal Tire and the Midas, then your first left and right. And – just in case – I call shotgun on any cool samurai swords.

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