Birth of a Blogger

I just had to share this with everyone, because it’s wonderful. It’s a letter I received in the comments of the ‘contact’ section, and it made my day.

Hello Next Stage
I was just on the toilet, thinking about theatre and I thought, “I am a part of the next stage. My feet have walked the walk of many a theatre before me and my eyes see clearly a new way forward. The next stage has been sitting in a drawer, a dream for over five years. It becomes more real every day. To me, for me, it’s the obvious next stage. And it’s a dream evolving out here in New York City which has become a cultural wasteland a shadow of its former self, with little property to play in. The theatre scene here is a joke with a few beautiful blossoms every year. So … from the bathroom I sat here at my computer and typed in “the next stage” into my google search and here we are. I love it. Vancover makes me miss my days in San Diego, Los Angeles and Chicago where the small theatre company is supported by audiences willing to go for the ride. There are more benefits and grant proposals out here than plays. There are more 10-Minute Play Festivals than I care to count. —
My question is this: can this forum, could this forum actually be a place where the people who like to make seriously fun theatre can muse about the future of the form?

I want to blog with y’all. What does that mean? Where do I sign up?

Seriously folks,

Eric Wallach
New York City

Anybody else want to read that blog?


  1. As long as he’s always writing from the toilet, I’d totally link to it. Eric – Go on ahead with your blogging self, man. And don’t forget to flush.


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