The Buzz is Back: HIVE 2 Sweetens Mag North

In November of 2006, 11 of our most progressive indie theatre companies joined forces to present Vancouver with the maiden version of HIVE in a retrofitted chapel in the downtown Eastside. And something in our theatre world shifted. Hailed by Colin Thomas as “the stuff of legend“, and by me as the very future of theatre, this one night smörgåsbord of experimental work and artist solidarity became the most talked about theatrical event of the year, despite the fact that too few Vancouverites got to experience it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, round two has landed. And this time you’ll have nine nights to take it all in. We caught up with HIVE producer and Neworld founder Camyar Chai at the H2 dress rehearsal, and asked him for the lowdown…

HIVE 2 at Magnetic North, June 5-8, & 10-14. You’re going to want to say that you were there.

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