Talking Point

Theatre is everywhere. Theatre is that weird and wonderful conversation you overhear in a bar, the ugly argument you catch walking by an apartment window, the rope’s-end meltdown you witness on the walk to work.

We give money to theatre artists to see what happens next.

Simon Ogden


  1. I agree with the central premise behind this statement, which seems to be that art is everywhere, but it takes the artists to call it art.

    I believe this to be one of the tenants of post-modernism: the artist observes the world and then chooses to recontexualize and re-present specific elements.

    I wonder about the emphasis on money toward the end of the statement. Does it suggest that theatre doesn’t happen until it gets the go ahead from the money?

    Actually, reading back on your statement, it seems to say something a little different to what I’ve just extrapolated – suggesting, instead, that there’s are running, real world narrative, and the theatre artist picks a strand and brings it down a representational path.

    Is this along the right lines?

  2. Yes, that’s in there for sure Ian, on the artist’s side of the equation. What jumps out at me about it is the audience’s context though: that we are all, at heart, voyeurs whether we cop to it or not, and it’s that aspect of us that is thrilled at watching drama played out for us.

    What it should have read was “we pay to see theatre artists…” instead of “give money”, because we give up valuable time to the theatre as well, which is sometimes more of a loss if the play isn’t that good.

    Sometimes I’d pay money to get out of a play.

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