Congratulations, it’s a blog!

As hard as this is to admit, I had no idea what this blogging thing was all about when my love interest started her first one a couple of years ago. Working then as a travel photographer and on the road for weeks at a time, photoblogging was a natural fit for her to graphically chronicle her adventures, and it sure helped to shorten the distance between us during those long separations early on in our coupledom. But, truth be told, the fact that she had one and I didn’t made me kind of jealous, and so I began cooking up an idea for a blog of my own…

Jackie’s been off the road and digging into her own business as a Vancouver food photographer for a while now, and her company has been doing so well lately that she’s decided it’s time to dive back into the blogging pool. I’m proud to announce the birth of her new bouncing baby blog: Basil Gazing, dedicated to the wonderful world of food and the people who provide us with it. And hey, it’s even got its own interview series! And photography that will literally make your mouth water. Blogger and baby are both doing fine.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled theatre blog, already in progress…

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