A little advance Fringe buzz…

While we on the left coast wait patiently for the official announcement of our 2008 Fringe line-up, the festival circuit has already bugun to wend its way westward. I thought we could check out the chatter on what shows got noticed by the local internet mavens in the towns that have already folded their Fringes.

Of course, not all of the shows mentioned are guaranteed to be traveling all the way to Van, but a lot of them do, and it’s always cool to see how the new indie shows are shaping up.

The Montreal Gazette lists their top 25 shows at the Montreal Fringe.

Indyish.com has some great Montreal reviews on their blog.

Theatre blogger Megan Mooney helpfully links to the Toronto Fringe’s Patron’s Picks and highlighted reviews.

Theatre is Territory readers offer their TO faves.

Anyone else heard about any advance buzz? We’d love to hear about it.

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  1. I see Vancouver’s Greg Landucci is on all of these lists. Greg wrote a little show with TJ Dawe a couple of years ago called Dishpig, and it went over like crazy everywhere he went. Looks like it still is, and his new show, Mr. Fox, is following in Dishpig’s footsteps!
    Yay! for Vancouver theatre–making a splash on a national stage!

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