New on the V-list: As You Like It

Shhhh. Look, over there. Unjaded Vancouver actors in the wild. Careful now, don’t frighten them off. Are they…what is that they’re doing? Ohmigod…Shakespeare? In a fresh and innovative manner! And they’re…loving it!

Check out the future of your theatre, Vancouver. What sort of stage are we setting for them?

Click here for full details on this FREE production


  1. I want the girl in the middle to enroll at my university when she graduates from high school. She clearly is intelligent, articulate, has a great sense of comic timing, and charisma. She looks like a future theatre leader to me.

  2. Bard in the Barracks in Fredericton, NB did a version with eco-hippies, Gas-guzzling glitterati, emo kids and punks.

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