Cast member mauled by Stanley Park resident

From a press release sent to The Next Stage from the Mortal Coil Performance Society

The opening night performance of Letters from Lithuania hit an unexpected glitch last night when one of the show’s cast members was attacked by raccoons in Stanley Park.

The site-specific play, produced by Mortal Coil Performance Society in association with Twin Fish Theatre, features a mixture of human and puppet actors. At one point in the show, a puppet representing the character Sara crosses a body of water in a boat. But the effect was marred last night when raccoons got to the Sara puppet before her big scene. The puppet was found face-down in the small lagoon on Stanley Park’s Miniature Railway site with her costume torn to shreds, her toes chewed away, and half her hair ripped off. The perpetrators have not yet been apprehended.

The puppet, designed by Tamara Unroe and Frank Rader, is reported to be in serious but stable condition, and is expected to return to the site for tonight’s performance. The producers are currently meeting to discuss strategies for preventing further attacks. They are also considering counseling for the traumatized cast member who found the body.

The horror! To support this production, and help them move on, please click here.

Victim Sara (l) with cast-mate Mameh (and some big people) in happier times
Victim Sara (l) with cast-mate Mameh (and larger versions of themselves) in happier times
not welcome at the wrap party
not invited to the wrap party


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