Sweet news! Cactus returns for one night only!

This is entirely too awesome. Melbourne Fringe entertainer Jonno Katz, who’s in town performing his new not-to-be-missed piece The Spy (Click here for the gushiest review I’ve ever written), has announced that he will perform his 2004 pick of the Fringe winner Cactus – the Seduction… for a special one-off fund raiser for the Fringe on Thursday, September 11 at the Waterfront Theatre at 10:30 pm. Dammit, now I have to find someone to cover that shift…

CACTUS is a unique physically devised solo show which treads the line of comedy, theatre and performance art. Three characters walk through a desert encountering their dreams, flash-backs and fantasies. It has been selling out in Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Victoria & Vancouver. It has won the Patron’s Pick award in Toronto and the Georgia Straight Pick of the Fringe in Vancouver. This is highly original, hilarious, absurd theatre performed with manic comic zap and light abandon. It is an explosion of imagination. a physically devised cross between theatre and stand-up comedy, a stream-of-conscious tale about Phil who is searching for love in a desert. Phil alternates between reality, walking through the desert with 2 weird characters, and fantasy where he talks directly to the audience spinning yarns and leaving them in hysterics. It has a Mobius-strip storyline (yeah I had to look it up too) as it saunters between character comedy, stand-up and physical mania.

Click for tix, but do it fast…

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