Everyone’s a critic

As we roll into the last weekend of the Van Fringe, I’m proud to say that the Plank review team managed to tuck 60 reviews under our belts, which is actually way better than I’d hoped for. Congratulations gang, you done good, reviewed from the gut, and did it all for the sheer love of theatre. I’m proud of all of you.

I’m also proud of the legion of Vancouverites that have raided the public reviews section of the site, the response to that little experiment was way beyond my wildest expectations. You’ve done it now Van City, you’ve exposed yourself as a scrappy little opinionated theatre town. Don’t even think about pretending that you don’t care about your theatre after all that. Some of you even aroused the ire of mild-mannered plank editor Andrew Templeton, not an easy task, believe me.

Keep ’em coming everyone. And if you have some opinions on shows that you’ve seen so far, please add your voice to the chorus. And don’t just stop at “this show blew” or “this show rocks!”, tell us why you thought it blew or rocked. I’ve still got a weekend of Fringing left, and I could use your help…

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