Theatre is not for the sissy

From Halley Bondy’s interview with Director Sue Lawless:

I take my beloved profession very seriously. Theatre is not for the sissy. This isn’t something you do on weekends. Anyone who calls themselves a professional actor can’t think of it as an entertainment, something they do that their friends will admire or perhaps even dismiss, or “well, maybe when I grow up, I won’t want to do this but isn’t it fun…” I become enraged with lack of preparation, attitude, diva-ism, and above all indifference as if it were not a real career or profession or even craft. I even believe it is good to have to sacrifice for your art. Yes, wait on tables, but take the acting job first. You don’t need a flat screen and taxi rides. If you do have it, spend it on the gym, acting classes, and attending the arts.

I’m getting this tattooed on my face.

H/T to the always on-point Laura at Trailing Spouse Blues

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