Show time

I should be sleeping right now.

I have to get up soon and put together some cocktails and canapes for the grand opening of our very first original full-length work of theatrical experience tomorrow. That, and about 300 other tasks before we welcome the city into our microcosm of itself. We’ve written a play about Vancouver, it seems. Set right now, in this present. Not in New York in the 60s or in turn of the century Russia. We’ve written a play about our observations of life here, and our frustrations with it, and our wonder of it. It’s the most intense thing I’ve ever been a part of. It’s raw, it’s true, it’s very, very ballsy. I’m so very proud of this piece of art we’ve made, I’ve never seen anything like it. But I still can’t sleep. So instead I’m going to drink this glass of red wine and talk to you, and officially invite you to come and experience the work we’re doing. That is, those of you reading this who haven’t already been bombarded by my marketing. Sorry guys. I’m new at it and eager, what can I say.

We built an entire floor of a Coal Harbour condo tower, on the top floor of an actual Coal Harbour condo tower (which happens to be a brand new theatre built for a community of retired performers), so The 21st Floor and its audience actually overlook the neighbourhood its set in. How money is that?

11 Vancouverites. You know them all. You work with some of them, you pass by others on the street and don’t see them, or pretend you don’t. Some of them are you. One of them happens to be a blogger with a chip on his shoulder, he’s being enacted by Steve Park, that’s him at the top of the page in the header, in character as Craig John. To promote the play and to help him with character developement, Steve’s been writing Craig’s blog, Soggy City, for some time now, and actually engaging with real Vancouver bloggers online. You can read his vitriol here, if you’d like an advance peek into the world of our story. It’s an interesting take on blog marketing, and I think my attempt to start something viral. I’m surprised this cheeky video didn’t make it to youtube, actually. That’s Nadine by the way, she’s doing some of the best work in this piece that I’ve seen from her yet , and that’s saying something. Worth the price of admission alone, I daresay.

MInd you, I daresay that about the whole ever-lovin’ cast. Break legs, you guys.

As for me, I’ve learned an awful lot about the theatre in this city, at this time in history. Most importantly, I’ve learned a lot about selling it here. I’ve got a lot to talk about when this whole thing is over.

Maybe you should come see the show, just so you know know what I’ll be talking about. (*wink*)

Send me an email reservation at, say you saw it here on The Next Stage, and I’ll give you a discount, even.

Okay, I seriously have to go to bed. Right after I finish one last glass…



  1. Best of luck Simon. I’m extremely anxious to hear what you’ve learned. Sorry I’m going to miss it – unless you want to send a return flight ticket my way. :)

  2. Thanks so much for your best wishes everyone, it really means a lot.

    Last night went off wonderfully, although I didn’t get to see the show as I was aproning it in the kitchen with shrimp rings and spring rolls for the crowd. Take that Arts Club!

    Although I won’t lie to you, I’m a little hazy around the brain today…

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