1. Ok, they tried. Sad, too long and brutal. Why even do this show? Overdone and badly written. Politically they really missed the mark and they don’t get it. I am sure the actors meant well… you could see the blond WORKING. We should have left at intermission, because nothing happened after. Painful. SAve your $20 and see a real production.

  2. I’m going to have to disagree with anony there. First off, that’s the first time I’ve ever heard David Rabe referred to as a bad writer. This play sparked a revolution in the way plays were written when it premiered in New York in 1973, and the overwhelming amount of times that it’s been produced since then points to a wide disagreement of your opinion too.

    “The blond”‘s name is Victoria Bidewell, and I found her performance to be extraordinary, in a highly demanding role. Her sincerity and ability to nail the comedy without ego made it a rare performance indeed. And her innate ability to lock into her scene partners was a clinic in generous acting, not to mention stage stamina.

    And what mark did they miss politically? What politics do you feel were being discussed? And what could the company have done to serve these politics better?

    And if you want the artists’ answer to your question of why they did the show, that’s what they give in the video clip above your comment.

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