PuSh Festival puts out call for volunteers

Whoa, immersed as I have been in our latest production, I totally forgot that the magnificent PuSh International Performing Arts Festival is coming up fast. Get ready for it, Vancouver.

PuSh is much more than an annual cultural feast for Vancouver: it is a broker of international partnerships, a meeting place for creative minds, a showcase of Canada’s best and an incubator of brilliant new work.

From the official site

This is a signature Vancouver cultural event; theatre, dance, music and hybrid art forms comprise the festival, featuring local, national and international artists. It’s a pretty big deal. Plank Magazine talks about it here.

This year’s PuSh runs from January 20 to February 8, 2009. They have just put the call out for volunteers to help with front of house, hospitality, program distribution, transportation etc…for more information and to access the volunteer registration form, click it here.

Click here to check out the lineup. It looks awesome, as usual. You can dig the festival’s blog here.

Salt-N-Pepa will unfortunately not be performing at the Festival.


  1. Allow me to plug the wonders of volunteering for PuSh. I’ve volunteered for the past 3 years and while one of the benefits is the free tickets to see shows, there is also a really wonderful artistic community surrounding the festival that is lovely to be a part of. I am looking forward to volunteering again this year.

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