Exit Stage Left: New theatre web comedy debuts


This looks like fun. Exit Stage Left is a new web-only series out of San Fran about the Lowry Theater Company – a fictional Broadway crew led by director Ronny Simons- and their attempts to produce an as-yet-unfinished adaptation of A Wonderful World, a novel by choochy novelist-wanna-be-playwright Tim Haggard.

The first two episodes are online now, with further installments promised on the 10th and 25th of each month. It’s fully free, but they’re asking for small donations if you like what you see.

Click the banner above to check out Exit Stage Left for yourself.

Oh, and how did I hear about this? They followed me on twitter.

1 Comment

  1. Hey, thanks a bunch for the “official” THE NEXT STAGE seal of approval. We will also be featured on NPR radio (Day to Day) on Jan 23rd (check your listings for the actual time) and would love feedback on the show.

    Thanks again,

    Sinohui Hinojosa
    Creator – EXIT Stage Left

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