At last: Craig’s List and Steve Fonyo set to music

push-logo_2009Seriously, sometimes theatre marketing is all in the titles. Tonight’s line up at Club PuSh (the temporary entertainer’s lounge set up on Granville Island for the duration of the festival that I wish was a real bar in Vancouver all year round) jumps right off the page.

Two Twenty-Minute Musicals begin the entertainment tonight, followed by the “atmospheric, wry and jazzy” group The Beige. (Click for samples of a few of their tracks.) Both musicals are directed by prolific BC playwright and director – and co-founder of Victoria’s Theatre SKAM – Amiel Gladstone (check back tomorrow for a great This one goes to eleven with Amiel).

The first one caught my eye because my wife has a bona-fide addiction to Craig’s List, and she plays the thing like a harp. Do You Want What I Have Got: A Craig’s List Contata is a musical piece about the ubiquitous stuff-shuffling site, with music by Veda Hille and book by Bill Richardson. Yep, he of the CBC. Veda has a splendid blog, check it out to hear her performing one of the songs from the play; Decapitated Dolls, at home accompanied by her crying newborn. Awesome.

Next up is something called Distant Second: The Steve Fonyo Story by Geoff Berner. If you’ll scan Geoff’s Wikipedia page, you’ll get a good indication of what you may be in for with this on.

Both shows play tonight (Thursday, January 29) and tomorrow night.

Club PuSh is located at Performance Works on Granville Island – $20 at the door, free after 11:00 pm.


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