Department of Culture announces Senate assembly

Your Department of Culture, the Canadian National artistic activist group that “represents the support of Canadians for a broad range of national artistic programs and practices”, announced the formation of a 30-seat honorary Senate today on their facebook page

The incoming appointees reflect the multifaceted and widespread opposition that exists to neo-Conservative governance in Canada, with representatives from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Newfoundland. Appointees are artists and activists. Like the Canadian Senate, this honorary position has few responsibilities. Unlike the recent Conservative appointees to the Canadian Senate, terms are for one year only, renewable, and incur no cost to taxpayers.

These newly-ordained Senators have all worked closely and tirelessly with the DoC over the last year to keep the needs and rights of the national artistic community in the face of a government that would see us all relegated to the status of panhandlers and redundant citizens. They are all dedicated to continue to push for a political system that supports progressive ideas and a government that respects the role of art as an integral component of society, not an unnecessary luxury. All Hail.

The Department of Culture’s inagural list of Senators:

Tara Beagan, storyteller, Toronto, Ontario
Rick Chafe, playwright, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Robert Chafe, playwright, St. John’s, Newfoundland
Desmond Cole, activist, Toronto, Ontario
Jason Collett, preening dandy, Toronto, Ontario
Kim Collier, artistic producer, Vancouver, British Columbia
Josephine Grey, educator/organizer, Toronto, Ontario
Koby Rogers Hall, theatre creator, Montreal, Quebec
Sarah Harmer, musical citizen, Kingston, Ontario
Michael Healey, playwright, Toronto, Ontario
David Jansen, actor/director, Toronto, Ontario
Jillian Keiley, director, St. John’s, Newfoundland
Lisa Kiss, graphic designer, Toronto, Ontario
Alice Klein, NOW editor/CEO, Toronto, Ontario
Naomi Klein, journalist/author, Toronto, Ontario
Daniel MacIvor, writer/director, Toronto, Ontario
Simon Mallett, artistic producer, Calgary, Alberta
Ava Jane Markus, producer/artist, Edmonton, Alberta
Dave Meslin, community organiser, Toronto, Ontario
Heather Nicol, visual artist, Toronto, Ontario
Ricken Patel, global advocate, Vancouver, British Columbia
Matthew Payne, artistic producer, Victoria, British Columbia
Judi Pearl, producer, Ottawa, Ontario
Milena Placentile, curator, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Paul Quarrington, author/musician, Toronto, Ontario
Lara Robinson, writer/director, Toronto, Ontario
Michael Rubenfeld, theatre practitioner, Toronto, Ontario
Richard Sanger, writer, Toronto, Ontario
Michele Sereda, theatre artist, Regina, Saskatchewan
Jonathon Young, actor/writer, Vancouver, British Columbia


Click here for a legend identifying the pictured senators

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