Dance with the Elephant! Recession party announced

Another way to deal with the Elephant in the Room…how do you ask for money for your theatre company when all people talk about is ‘these tough economic times’? Here’s an idea; throw a Recession Party.

Pacific Theatre and Stone’s Throw Productions are hosting a cabaret-style bash next Friday the 13th (how apropos) toparty-elephant-533800 raise a little money and lift a few spirits (both kinds of spirits). Featuring local dancers, musicians and comedians (such as comic firebrand Christina Sicoli, worth the price of admission alone, trust me). The cabaret will give way to a dance floor presided over by DJ Corbeau to finish the night off.

I love that they’re using the elephant in the room to their advantage, and dressing him up in a feather boa and clown nose to boot. A pretty fun and creative solution to an irritating business problem. Great stuff.


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