Game day! 2 tickets to ‘Ashes’ up for grabs!


Buzz is quickly building around the premiere of beloved local playwright Bill Marchant‘s new play Ashes, playing at the Firehall, and to keep it buzzing the producing team has made available a pair of tickets to give away to one lucky The Next Stage reader! Ready for it? Here we go…

To claim your prize, be the first person to leave a comment on this post the closest to 12 noon Vancouver time today, Thursday, March 19, but not before. The comment must include the name of at least one of the members of the cast.

The tickets are valid for opening night: Tuesday, March 24, or Wednesday the 25th or Thursday the 26th only.

Free theatre, up for grabs on The Next Stage. Because theatre loves you. Thanks for stopping by!

Click here for full details on this production


  1. Hello,

    With a tag line like this

    “Blood is Thicker Than Whiskey”
    Secrets, sex, lies and liquor. can you not go.
    Are FREE tickets still available. I would like to go.
    Tammy Prescott has her hands full as she’s the only girl in the cast.


    PS I’ll put out the word out on Twitter.

  2. Woo Hoo! We have a winner! Congratulations Joel, and thanks for tweeting the word out there!

    Whew. I was starting to think no one was going to enter this game.

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