Charting Benny’s course

From Stage to Screen…local theatre/film/TV actor (and close personal friend) Ben Ayres is starring in a new CBC miniseries called Diamonds, which airs this Sunday, April 5 and next Sunday April 12 at 9:00 pm.

A description of the show and an interview with Ben can be found at the Georgia Straight by clicking here. A sample:

Ayres, 32, has worked hard at establishing himself as a stage actor doing theatre work, while expanding his resume with films and TV, including recurring roles in the locally shot Smallville and jPod.

While Ayres is very passionate about performing, he has expanded his efforts beyond acting to other creative outlets within the industry. He recently completed production on “Scott’s Land”, a short film he wrote, directed, and starred in.

“I like being in control, which is why the idea of producing or creating a film is so appealing…it’s so empowering when you’re really using everything you have creatively and pouring it all into a project”. Ayres even tried his hands at editing. “I love to edit, especially when it’s something that I’ve shot because it’s my story that I’m shaping.”

I can attest to how hard Ben worked on his craft in independent theatre here, because I was there, and this site wouldn’t exist without him. Congratulations Benny, keep it rolling.


Update: The Vancouver Sun: Now with more Benny!

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