The best comment threads, Isaac always has

Theatrosphere Yoda Isaac Butler published his first post on Parabasis* on June 18, 2004, and he still remains required reading for working theatre artists.

There’s a busy comment thread going on this post (which was, in turn, inspired by this post by the Phantom of the Blogosphere, 99 Seats), in which the community gets busy defining theatricality and its place in the work. And whose responsibility it is to inject theatre with it, if indeed its injection is something we aspire to. And LaBute gets thrown into the pot, again. Man, that guy is everywhere.

Smart people debating high concepts without petulance. This internet thing may catch on yet.

[*To answer that question in your head right now:

Parabasis was the Greek word for the moment when the chorus in a comedy would come to the front of the stage, face the audience, and advocate both for the author’s political views and for his text, so that it could win first prize. While doing this, they usually pelted the audience with candy.

July 19, 2004]

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