A how not-to guide to publicity photos


I stumbled across this little gem of a blog yesterday, and put out a twitter link to it that instantly became my most wide-spread Re-tweet to date. It’s an aggregation of the very worst in theatre production stills culled from the wilds of the internets, and manages to be heart-wrenchingly sad and murderously funny all at the same time.

It also includes fun activities for the kids, like this production still drinking game…

– Take a shot of Southern Comfort if there’s Equity leads in the foreground somehow oblivious to some minor character emoting real hard at them…while standing only three feet behind them.

-Take a shot of Vermouth if a child actor is being used more…more like a prop than anything else, by the looks of it.

– Take a shot of Cognac if that family looks like maybe, maybe it’s finally Coming-To-Terms with that thing that happened 17 years ago this Christmas.

You’d better believe I scrolled through these in dread of finding the ghost of some old production past in there…enjoy!

PS: Rebecca’s got a great post about the art of the production still over at Art of the Biz….

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  1. The photo above is from Phoenix Theatre’s presentation of “How the Other Half Loves.” These actors are hilarious – unfortunately so is the judgment of the marketing director. Great grab!

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