“This guy is going to be a star”

Checked out Zee Zee Theatre‘s Nelly Boy at the PAL tonight in Coal Harbour. Local Playwright Dave Deveau’s new play discussing the marginalization of non-specific gender identity, it’s an intimate and language-driven work that spotlights the work of an actor about whom Colin Thomas writes in the opening line of his review:

Remember the name Amitai Marmorstein. This guy is going to be a star.

We talk a lot about what the next generation of Vancouver theatre is going to look like, and Nelly Boy indeed offers a chance to watch the work of a burgeoning professional. The kind you hope is going to sink his teeth into the industry here and not let go. Just listen to the way seasoned co-star Allan Zynik talks about him in their Video Listing…

Nelly Boy runs until this Sunday. Click here for full details on this production.

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