TJDawe + BrendanMcLeod (JoannaMarattaAward/CaraYeates) = a brand new theatre blog

Waddya get when you throw a Fringe star, a spoken word rock star and an award-winning theatre actor into a bag and shake? I have no idea, but this here new blog of theirs might provide a few answers.

Cara won the ’09 Joanna Maratta Fringe Award for the artist who “best exhibits the original founding spirit of the Vancouver Fringe Festival and shows the most potential to contribute to the Vancouver theatre community”. So there. The prize consists of a mentorship with TJ, who pretty much totemically embodies the spirit of independent theatre here on the West Coast. They have decided to use their time to prepare Brendan’s first ever play, which I for one am eagerly awaiting, as he’s a true local wordsmith. In addition to being a Vancouver Slam Poetry Champion and placing 2nd in the World’s, he’s a past winner of the illustrious 3-Day Novel Writing Competition. Oh, and he’s a member of The Fugitives. So yeah, I guess theatre’s what’s next.

TJ’s just put up his first post on the new blog, asking for opinions on the play’s title. Check it out here if you’d like to help them out…

And break legs all. We’ll be eagerly awaiting whatever comes out the other side.

For fun, this was my first taste of The Fugitives, back in 2007. A buddy had seen them do a mini-show before a movie at 5th Avenue Cinemas and raved about them:

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  1. Can’t wait to hear more about McLeod’s new play. I read “The Convictions of Lenoard Mckinley” right after seeing The Fugitives perform in Calgary and I remember thinking then that this guy would write a kick ass piece of theatre.

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