The Tyee on Gordon Campbell’s Olympic hypocricy

Don’t you love it when a writer puts down in words exactly what you were thinking, especially when you’re enraged about something? Click here to read Mark Leiren-Young’s reaction to watching Premier Campbell during the Olympic opening ceremonies. One of the best op-ed pieces on the cuts yet.

Here’s an exerpt:

The next time a Liberal MLA — or anyone — goes on a rant about the value of arts and culture, skip the stats about how the arts return $1.30 to the economy for every government dollar invested. Don’t mention the fact that culture creation is genuinely green. Don’t bother pointing out that pretty much every other industry in Canada has some sort or subsidy, incentive or tax break attached to it. And forget the reality that if our galleries, museums and theatres start to close, our tourism industry will be about as inviting as a Stephen Harper smile. Ask them what Canada decided to show off when millions of people tuned in from around the world to find out what our country was all about.

If you took all the arts and culture out of the opening ceremonies — that would include the choreographed torch fun run as the hydraulics performed their scene from Spinal Tap — all you’ve got left from the scheduled event are a couple of political speeches, a thanks from VANOC, the athletes entering — without music — wearing non-distinctive, undesigned uniforms, and Wayne Gretzky in the getaway truck. I’m sure NBC would have loved that.

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