Moving on – Chapter 1: Art-iculation

Greetings gentle reader, deepest apologies for the extended radio silence over here at TNS. We’ve started work on a new chapter that’s begun by pulling up stakes and moving from Vancouver to Victoria, home of the legislature, a pervasive air of polite and – of course – some killer independent theatre. (Hello Victoria! Come see me at Veneto, corner of Pandora and Douglas if you’re thirsty.) I don’t think much will change around here on the ol’ blog, Victoria has always been part of our scene, but the free Video Listings service for the Greater Vancouver Area is – with regrets – suspended. (Unless someone wants to pick up the mantle over there? Anyone?) I will continue to offer the service to the Independent Theatre Nation in Victoria, drop me a line if you’d like more information or to advertise your upcoming show (vanstage (at) gmail (dot) com).

As for my own work as a theatre artist, well, that’s the fun part. I have no idea, and it’s perfectly thrilling. A change this big seems a perfect time to collect and reflect, so a lot of that will be happening in these pages for the next little while. I hope you’ll join me in a bit of a look back at the last stage of my career.

For starters, before I’m able to move on I should be able to articulate my reasons for doing my art as well as this:

“Dance disappears almost at the moment of its manifestation. It is an extreme expression of the present, a perfect metaphor for life. Dancers sculpt space in real time, working inside a form that is constantly in a state of vanishing. We have no artifacts. I find it strangely beautiful to be creating something that is made of us – made of our breath and blood and bones and minds. Something that is made of the space we occupy and made of the space between us. We embody both the dance and its disappearance.”

Crystal Pite

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  1. Congrats Simon, enjoy the island and all that it holds for you! I’ve always found Victoria to be awesome and totally haunted, may those ghosts fuel your writing and your blogging!

  2. Thanks Col! And you’re dead right, there are ghosts everywhere. The hotel I work in is an old heritage building full of stories and spirits. Inspiration abounds!

  3. At last. Some new missives from my favorite frontline reporter in this war of art. Congratulations on the transplant and on getting TNS growing in your new digs. More sunshine over there anyway.

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