Talking Point

Theatre is everywhere. Theatre is that weird and wonderful conversation you overhear in a bar, the ugly argument you catch … More

Listen to Your Elders

Rebecca over at GreyZelda Land unearthed this story about the unearthing of a code for being a healthy member of … More

Female Playwrights Wanted

Is the Canadian theatre industry sexist? For your consideration: The [report’s] statistics reveal that sexist theatre practice is alive and … More

Talking Point

Playwrights need to be out in the world, connected to it, trying to answer unanswerable questions. Julie Marie Myatt

Talking Point

I get bored at the theatre a lot because I notice that there’s not always a connection between the actors. … More

Jessie Noms Announced

You know what’s cool about the Jessie Richardson Awards? They’re shiny. Also, they put a bunch of Vancouver’s theatre talent … More