d’bi.young on Theatre and Service

As of today there are three more chances to catch d’bi.young.anitafrika‘s ‘one-womban’ play blood.claat at Mag North. Here’s what’s so great about d’bi: she works the way an artist should work (a lot), and she talks the way an artist should talk…

I am becoming less pre-occupied with being served by the former definition of ‘contemporary canadian theatre’ and more concerned with creating it. I feel that that is one of the solutions I can offer. therefore I feel that indeed in creating the stories that I am telling, I am serving canadians and am representing myself.

-From an interview with Praxis Theatre’s Ian Mackenzie over at Theatre is Territory

Dub poet, playwright, actor…and inspiration. Read the interview in its entirety here. Then buy a ticket for blood.claat here.

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