Muxin’ things up a bit

Just wanted to point out that The Next Stage now features a soundtrack that you can activate from the sidebar. Through the wonders of Muxtape we bring you a fresh new selection every week of the tunes we’re listening to for inspiration, carefully engineered to perfectly accompany each section of the blog that you’re reading at any given time.

If you’d like to load up a Muxtape of your own to be featured as our weekly soundtrack, please send it on over to us at vanstage(at)gmail(dot)com, and we’d be proud to share it with our loyal readers.

The Next Stage has no professional affiliation with at all, we just like making and sharing mixtapes and have since, like, 1982.


  1. Thanks. I’m enjoying this playlist.

    My Morning Jacket sounds a bit like Bob Dylan, circa Nashville Skyline (’69).

    Strawberry Swing is good, too. What do you think of the new Coldplay album? They seem to get a little worse with each album, but only a little bit worse.

    Heard the Death Cab album? I was addicted for a couple of months.

    This Muxtape thing is a cool idea.

  2. Good call on the Nashville Skyline comparison, you’re totally right. If you don’t have this new MMJ album yet, trust me that you want it.

    Coldplay…I don’t know. I like the album WAY more than that last limp effort, but it doesn’t compare to the first two. I’ll say this: if I’d never heard them before this album I’d think it was great.

    And Jackie’s all over Death Cab, I haven’t given it much of a chance yet, but I trust your opinion. I’ll give it a ride.

    Make up a muxtape of your own and we’ll have a Music is Territory edition. It’s dead easy.

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